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Rhythm Guitarist Vocalist For Acoustic Duo Details
Rhythm Guitarist Vocalist For Acoustic Duo
Category: Musician Subcategory: Performer
Price: $ Distance: Unknown
State:Tennessee City: Kingsport
Ad Details / Description:
Looking To Form Acoustic Duo (Kingsport,TN/Tri-Cities) Have you thought about an acoustic Duo? My outline on this collaboration is to keep it small/easy to move around and stay away from the late night stuff. There are easier ways to make cash from gigs. I am an accomplished rhythm/lead guitarist with over thirty years experience playing guitar. Genres of music covered are in the 60's,70's,80's,90's blues,rock, southern rock,jazz,folk,some blue grass and some new pop country. I was also in a Celtic Rock Band for two years in Vermont. I would like to collaborate with a serious guitarist/bass player that has strong vocals. I have always been in full bands and recently over the winter decided to work on forming an acoustic duo. I currently have 35 songs I am polishing. I am also putting together a fourth set list. Each set has 11-12 songs each. There are a lot of really rare acoustic tunes,out of all these tunes there are very few that you would here any other bands perform. I welcome the opportunity to add new set lists, so bring what you have worked out and let's get together.(Everything's a Bonus) I am focusing on happy hour spots/early evening gigs, no late nights and home early. If this is for you then please feel free to contact me. I have a myspace page James Dougherty which has a full profile to check out here in Kingsport,TN. I have a strong feeling that with the right persons this would be big! Jim Dougherty (Posted on 04-08-2010 )

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